A new interactive healthcare service has been launched with the aim to tackle poor quality, publicly available health information, such as that found online.

The service will also aim to help compliance, launching along-side three large pharmaceutical companies.

76% of GPs polled in a recent survey expressed concern that that use of ‘Dr Google’ by patients does more harm than good, misleading the patients with false or inadequate information.

As a result, over one-third (40%) of NHS doctors advise patients not to use Google when seeking information about health or potential treatments, in order to avoid confusing and misleading sources.

The new service, by Cognitant Group, allows patients to view information recommended or ‘prescribed’ by their doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

It uses 3D graphics to provide explanations about health, disease and treatment and is available for patients to view on smartphones and other devices, including virtual reality headsets. This will shape the future of healthcare by allowing patients to access quality information that will ensure more effective use of treatment methods and medication.

Dr Tim Ringrose, chief executive of Cognitant Group, said: “Prescribed 3D health information has the potential to transform the management of long-term chronic illnesses. Our services enable patients to better self-manage their condition, understand the reason for their medication and the most effective way to manage their health.”

The new system of prescribed, 3D interactive information has launched to help patients with long term conditions.