ZEINCRO, the clinical research-services provider based in Athens, Greece, has consolidated its presence in the markets of Central and South Eastern Europe (CSEE) by opening offices in five more countries.   

Last June, Trial Masters, a contract research organisation operating in Hungary and Romania, joined the ZEINCRO group, extending the latter’s reach across the CSEE region.

The new offices in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, FYROM (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and Poland means the ZEINCO network now covers 14 countries in total, with access to a combined population of 250 million.

The company already had an established presence in Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. It also offers clinical-trial services to its global drug-development customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Slovakia.

“Our expansion in these additional countries underlines our efforts to set new standards for successful clinical trials and become the leading single provider of clinical research in the CSEE region,” said ZEINCRO chairman Professor Gregory Sivolapenko.