Data software specialist Nextrials has entered into a partnership with fellow US-based firm InClin, a clinical research organisation, to improve study starts and "significantly lower drug development costs".

At the heart of the pact is Nextrials' Prism, its data capture and clinical trial management software. The company says that Prism, its design tools and its new iPad interface give researchers "anytime/anywhere access to key data points, reports and statistics about ongoing studies, regardless of location".

Nextrials adds that the package helps its clients to better manage investigator site data, logistics and costs, "including access to real-time data related to patient demographics, recruitment/enrollment status, queries and more". Chief executive James Rogers stated that as clinical trials become more complex, "partnerships such as this one remove some of the organisational and integration headaches from study initiation and monitoring".

He went on to say that Prism's capabilities, "combined with InClin's senior project management team and its standardised performance indicators and quality metrics processes, give sponsors an edge in obtaining critical study data on a timely basis and keeping studies on track." His counterpart at InClin, Dirk Thye, said "we take pride in our ability to deliver superior data quality to our sponsors" and Prism "meets our high standards as an enabling data management platform that can significantly shorten the length of time it takes to initiate and monitor a clinical trial".

Nextrials noted that Prism, which also offers integration of a hospital's patient records as part of the package, has been used at over 1,500 research sites.