Untire, an app designed to help alleviate cancer fatigue, has become the first of its kind to be listed on the NHS library, and is free to download.

Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of cancer and its treatment, with 70-80% of patients affected.

The app has successfully passed NHS assessment, which is in place to make sure that only safe and secure apps and digital tools are published on the NHS Apps Library.

The decision was made based on trial results that initially found that the Untire app significantly reduces fatigue while increasing happiness amongst users, with further results to be published in late 2019.

The programme offers a combination of “insightful themes, such as sleep, anxiety, setting limits and nutrition, guidelines for managing energy, physical exercises to build strength, activities to reduce stress, and tips to improve mood”, explains Door Vonk, founding partner of Untire.

He continued, “Untire aims to help users gain better control of their energy levels by getting and keeping them mentally and psychologically active.”

Cancer related fatigue is characterised by feelings of tiredness, weakness and a lack of energy related to cancer or cancer therapy. This, in turn, often impacts on a patient’s quality of life, with debilitating social and economic consequences. There is currently a lack of awareness amongst patients and providers. However, with figures estimating there will be 2,900,000 people living with cancer in the UK by 2020, there is a growing need for effective support solutions.