The NHS Confederation has outlined a proposal for the next government to support its bid in transforming the UK’s health service.

The organisation, which represents NHS providers and commissioners, wants a ‘clear and credible approach’ to funding along a new office for Budgetary Responsibility in Health (OBRH) to provide an objective assessment of NHS finances.

The Confederation first called for such an officer back in 2013 and says the case for it has only grown stronger in recent years.

The proposed OBRH would offer analysis on NHS spending and likely pressures, and measure the delivery of productivity by the NHS.

“An expert assessment on efficiency would enable realistic targets to be set and an authoritative basis for holding the NHS account for what is delivered,” the Confederation said in a statement.

Additionally, the body has appealed for a funding target to ‘strengthen the principle of economic prosperity’ with calls for the NHS spending to develop at the rate of the country’s economic growth.

The target would be up to the next government according to the report, however the body suggests one matching France and Germany - which currently requires around £16 billion a year - due to a similar health expenditure.

The Confederation claims that this target would enable health services and the public to have ‘more certainty on future health spending levels’ and ‘a target linked to France and Germany would offer reassurance of spending in line with comparable economies.’