England’s National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) has launched an online channel on BrightTALK, the webinar service for professionals and their communities.

Broadcasting one webinar per month, the CRN is using the BrightTALK channel at bit.ly/CRNBrightTALKChannel to present live and pre-recorded webinars on topics that promote the work carried out by the Network, both to research-industry professionals and others with an interest in clinical research.

The channel has already hosted an industry professional-specific training course and a programme on new trends in clinical research presented by Jonathan Sheffield, chief executive officer of the NIHR CRN.

Future programmes will feature a guide to the Clinical Research Network’s services as well as tutorials on gaining NHS permission and using the new research feasibility services.

Wealth of expertise

“There is a wealth of experience and expertise at the Clinical Research Network and it’s important for us to utilise the most varied and innovative methods to get their ideas and knowledge across,” said Lydia Christopher, the CRN’s acting director for industry.

The Network recognises that navigating the local clinical research landscape can be complex, especially for companies based outside the UK, Christopher noted.

“We hope that this tool, which enables us to put our experts right in front of our target audience, wherever in the world they might be, will make our knowledge and expertise more accessible and allow us to communicate more effectively,” she added.