Norgine has launched Feraccru across the UK to treat patients with iron deficiency anaemia, having picked up rights to sell the drug from Shield Therapeutics earlier this year.

Feraccru is a novel, stable, non-salt, oral formulation of ferric iron, which has a differentiated mechanism of action compared to salt-based oral iron therapies, formulated to treat iron deficiency in adults.

"We believe that Feraccru is an important treatment advance for those patients who have iron deficiency, including those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, and we look forward to helping patients in need in the UK,” noted Andy Crichton, general manager of Norgine UK & Ireland.

Feraccru was recently accepted for review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), just over a month after Norgine signed a deal with Shield allowing it to commercialise the iron deficiency therapy in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.