Novo Nordisk says it is going to spend $73 million to expand a manufacturing facility in the USA.

The principal plant in question is in Clayton, North Carolina, and the extension is needed to accommodate increased production capacity for the company's insulin delivery devices. The move will create 205 new jobs, including 85 specifically at the Clayton facility, which currently makes six diabetes products, including the insulin-filled Levemir FlexPen.

Novo Nordisk said it presently has more than 420 employees in Clayton who oversee the full production process from formulation through packaging and distribution. Jerzy Gruhn, president of the company's US affiliate, noted that as patients in the USA "continue to move from administering insulin with a conventional vial and syringe to using a pen device, Novo will be prepared to meet growing market demand."

The Danish drugmaker noted that it selected the Clayton site for expansion "after an evaluation of both domestic and international facilities". It added that "cost and productivity factors, including the levels of incentive support from local and state resources, were taken into consideration".