Novo Nordisk says it has planned for all future ‘no-deal’ Brexit contingencies, including doubling UK stock to 16 weeks (around four months of supply), which will be in place by the end of January.

The company intends to continue to build stock ahead of the proposed Brexit date - 29 March - at which point it expects to have roughly 18 weeks of stockpile, around two and a half times the normal stock levels.

It has also scheduled monthly airfreight slots between April and July 2019 to ensure supply isn’t affected. However, Novo Nordisk is not the only company stockpiling goods at unusual rates - 75% of warehouse owners in the UK say their space is already at capacity.

Pinder Sahota, corporate vice president of Novo Nordisk UK has assured the public: “Our first commitment is to ensure that patients treated with our medicines remain unaffected in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. We believe our no-deal Brexit preparations are robust and we have taken all necessary steps to ensure continuity of supply to the UK patients we serve. This is evidenced by our more than doubling of stock levels to 16 weeks and securing airfreight slots from April.

“We continue to work closely with trade associations in the UK and the EU to ensure that the interests of our patients are at the forefront of negotiations. We are also working collaboratively with the Department of Health to ensure continuity of supply, irrespective of the outcome of the Government’s Brexit negotiations.”

However, the Danish drugmaker also stressed to Sky News that new shipping routes will be essential to ensuring that supplies can be replenished in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

"Stockpiling is one of the solutions but it is not the only solution. The replenishment of the stock post-Brexit is the next phase, and there are certain factors beyond our control here," Sahota told the news channel.

"The delays are unknown, which is why we have built the stocks, why we have booked air freight, and we will be looking to other ports as well in addition to Dover."