Azaya Therapeutics, a US-based company using its Protein Stabilized Liposomes nanotechnology platform to develop safer, more effective chemotherapeutics, has launched a contract development and manufacturing division, Parexo Labs.

Parexo will leverage Azaya’s twin capabilities in cytotoxic/nanoparticle analysis and liposome manufacturing, including its proprietary analytical methodology that details the release rates and characterisation attributes of nanoparticles.

The new division’s laboratory services can “speed drug development and regulatory progress for pharmaceutical and medical device developers alike”, Azaya said.

The Parexo Labs services will encompass method development and validation for cytotoxics, as well as raw-material testing, stability storage and testing, chemical characterisation and other analyses.

The division will also provide customised liposome manufacturing services based on its proprietary nanoparticle-release methodology.

At the forefront

“Chemotherapy and nanotechnology continue to be at the forefront of cancer treatment options,” commented Don Kruppa, vice president, operations at Azaya Therapeutics.

“Building on Azaya’s drug development and manufacturing expertise, Parexo Labs can offer both commercial and academic customers innovative solutions in nanoparticle characterisation and analysis, as well as the latest nanoparticle testing technology.”