A new management and automation package launched by US-based business process management (BPM) specialist Savvion can reduce the time and cost of clinical trials by up to 33%, the company says.

The Life Sciences Foundation technology allows rapid automation of critical trial processes such as site set-up and management, patient enrolment, adverse events reporting, compliance, patient information management, ethics review and grants management.

Leveraging existing business systems, it can provide real-time monitoring of key performance indicators during clinical trials, enabling timely decision-making and changes of course in response to shifts in operations, policies or regulations, Savvion adds. A full audit trail is among the package’s other attractions.

“Because it is built on a comprehensive BPM platform, Life Sciences Foundation benefits every person in every role within the organisation, from the head of R&D to the clinical research associate,” commented Dr M A Ketabchi, president, chief executive officer and founder of Savvion.