Parexel International is offering study sponsors a gateway to clinical trial services in Korea and across Asia through an alliance with the Seoul-based ASAN Medical Centre (AMC).

The tie-up will focus on early development, where Parexel already provides access to patients in key therapeutic areas through its early-phase units and global alliance network.

“Our relationship with the ASAN Medical Centre affords us the opportunity to further extend this capability into Asia,” said Dr Mark Goldberg, chief operating officer at the US-based biopharmaceutical services company.

The AMC consists of a medical complex and large hospital with a strong record of clinical research in areas such as cancer, ischaemic diseases and chronic respiratory conditions.

The AMC Clinical Trial Centre opened in 2002 to support trials conducted by the ASAN Medical Centre. It was designated a Regional Clinical Trial Centre by the Korean Ministry for Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs in 2006.

Unique advantages

“With ASAN Medical Centre’s leadership in clinical trials, in-depth expertise, state-of-the art facilities and a renowned network of hospitals, we believe our alliance will offer unique advantages to the Korean biopharmaceutical industry,” Dr Goldberg commented.

"We look forward to collaborating with Parexel through our Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics to promote, facilitate and enhance the development and use of novel pharmacotherapeutics,” said Dr Seong-Wook Park, AMC president and chief executive officer.