Perceptive Informatics, the eClinical solutions provider and subsidiary of US-based bio/pharmaceutical services company Parexel International, has enhanced its eClinical platform by incorporating technologies from information technology and consulting services giant IBM.

Perceptive has imported IBM’s WebSphere portal and its Tivoli Access Manager into the eClinical platform, which provides support for Perceptive Informatics’ eClinical Suite.

The platform technologies from IBM will allow Perceptive to support more extensive interoperability between its systems and will facilitate a single entry point for users, the company noted. IBM’s WebSphere portal and Tivoli Access Manager also provide back-up for Perceptive’s eClinical solutions when offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

“As the number of technologies used in clinical trials increases, Perceptive is committed to expanding our robust and flexible enterprise platform to meet customer demand for innovative, sophisticated and easily accessible eClinical solutions,” commented Nicholas Richards, vice president, product development for Perceptive Informatics.

Specifically, IBM’s WebSphere portal framework enhances the Perceptive Portal enterprise solution, which provides secure, centralised access to clinical trial documentation and training materials as well as a collaboration area in which to develop related materials, Perceptive Informatics explained.

The portal’s reporting engine displays consolidated trial metrics, allowing study performance to be tracked easily using data drawn from multiple sources.

Perceptive has incorporated IBM’s Tivoli Access Manager to improve single sign-on functionality in the eClinical Suite. Designed to streamline workflow, this enhancement eliminates the need for multiple user names and passwords by providing access to various systems with a single set of credentials.

Perceptive’s eClinical Suite provides advanced integration and interoperability among systems, including the IMPACT Clinical Trial Management System, the DataLabs electronic data capture solution, and the ClinPhone Randomization and Trial Supply Management technologies.