erceptive Informatics, the eClinical subsidiary of US-based contract research organisation Parexel International Corporation, has launched a new suite of products and services that promises “truly seamless integration and access to data across multiple technologies throughout the trial process”.

The package is designed to “realise the full potential of eClinical”, yielding better value and utility by creating an environment for more effective management and operation of clinical trials, Perceptive Informatics said.

Among the key components of the integrated eClinical suite are:

- the Perceptive Portal, which provides trial communities with secure central access to essential study documentation and materials;
- a combined Electronic Data Capture-Integrated Voice Response (EDC-IVR) solution, enabling users to perform real-time study randomisation and dispensation activities directly from within Perceptive Informatics’ DataLabs EDC solution (acquired with UK-based eClinical specialist ClinPhone);
- a Clinical Technology Integration Platform (CTIP), providing seamless, automated exchange of data across different systems without having to modify applications on connected systems.

In the past, noted Dr Bill Byrom, senior director, product strategy, clinical data “were simply moved between applications to reduce the need to reconcile independent databases”.

Perceptive had now “made integration scalable” through cutting-edge integration middleware, he explained. “By enabling the core functionality of one solution to be accessed from another, this convergence of our solutions is a dramatic shift in the way that technologies can be used together to streamline workflow while facilitating more effective trial management.”

More than ever before, “our customers need to make better, faster, and more informed decisions about their compounds in development”, commented Perceptive Informatics president Steve Kent.