Pfizer has bought a firm specialising in antibody discovery and optimisation. The acquisition of Bioren – a privately-held company based in California, USA – for an undisclosed sum is designed to “strengthen Pfizer’s commitment to the antibody space,” said senior vice president for worldwide research technology, Nick Saccomano. “The ability to use and develop these technologies will help Pfizer identify new antibody leads as well as improve current antibodies in development.”

Pfizer will now have access to two antibody optimisation technologies, called Walk-Through Mutagenesis and Look-Through Mutagenesis, which are capable of assisting companies in developing antibody drugs with improved properties, such as greater and longer lasting efficacy.

Pfizer has purchased all of Bioren’s outstanding stock for an undisclosed price. Over the last five years, the drugmaker noted that it has made significant investments that have resulted in “a substantial portfolio of therapeutic proteins” at various stages of development.