Medopad, Perfect Ward and Inhealthcare have been named as this year’s winners of Pfizer’s Healthcare Hub: London challenge.

The competition was rolled out in 2017 to help companies innovating in the health tech space grow their businesses and reach more patients and providers more quickly.

The winners will gain access to the drug giant’s global network and resources for a year, as well as a share of a £50,000 grant to help fuel their progress.

Medopad is focused on the provision of personalised care to patients with complex and chronic diseases, via remote patient monitoring applications, mobile technology and advanced data analytics. The group says its ultimate aim is to prevent life threatening outcomes through predictive analytics.

“The Pfizer healthcare hub will be an excellent opportunity for us to partner with another organisation as motivated to transform patient care as Medopad are,” said Alex Gilbert, from the group’s Partnerships divison.

"We aim to leverage Pfizer's experience and commitment to the UK healthcare system as well as our technological prowess to further develop the role of digital in the UK healthcare ecosystem. We are especially excited to explore the fields of oncology, rare diseases and neurodegenerative diseases under the guidance of a world-class therapy leader.”

Inhealthcare enables the health service to deliver more care outside of hospitals to reduce pressures on overstretched NHS services, while Perfect Ward is a simple inspection tool that allows NHS teams to monitor and track their performance against Care Quality Commission criteria.

“The three winners really stood out due to their ability to show the impact of the technology on the healthcare service and the lives of patients,” said Dr Hamish Graham, Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London manager.

“We are looking forward to collaborating on some exciting projects in the next 12 months to help bring the benefits of their technology to more patients in the UK.”