Pfizer UK has changed how it incentivises its anti-infectives field-force under the drug giant's commitment to the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

All sales have been ‘de-linked’ from its anti-infectives (AI) field-force incentives, with the focus now on measuring management-based objectives (MBOs) centering on generating access to medicines and promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics.

“For years, Pfizer has been working with key UK governmental stakeholders to assess how stewardship can be improved. We are proud to have made this change to our incentives model which has been a goal of ours since signing the Davos Declaration,” said Susan Rienow, hospital business lead at Pfizer UK.

“Following the recent news from the Department of Health and Social Care that NICE will be leading a UK trial with NHS England and NHS Improvement to evaluate a new ‘subscription’ style payment model there was no better time to implement the changes we have been working towards,” she added.

AMR currently causes 700,000 deaths annually worldwide, but the death toll could rise to 10 million a year by 2050, exceeding that of cancer.