Global surveillance systems show that recorded cases do not include any deaths

Although monkeypox is spreading and more countries have been impacted the current threat to global public health in negligible. Pharma companies remain poised for a greater outbreak but, at the moment, numbers are manageable according to WHO’s latest data.

A total of 2746 worldwide cases of monkeypox have been identified through a variety of healthcare mechanisms up to June 2022. The individuals come from a combination of 29 countries and areas throughout the European region. Meanwhile, detailed case-based data was reported for 1799 of the cases, emerging from 20 countries.

Of the 1799 cases reported in The European Surveillance System (TESSy) 1796 were laboratory confirmed and 21 were confirmed to be of the West African groups. The earliest date of symptom onset was reported as 08 April 2022, while the majority of cases were between 31 and 40 years-old and predominantly male.

Among cases with known HIV status – 115 out of 281 – 40.9% were HIV-positive. Critically, no cases were reported to have died, though five were established as healthcare workers and only one was known to have acquired infection through ‘occupational exposure’ to date.

Pharma companies are closely monitoring the situation, however, monkeypox remains a rare infection that is generally found in parts of west or central Africa. There have been some recent cases in the UK but the risk of catching it is very low.