US-based research management organisation Pharmatech has launched a campaign, Pharmatech 2.0, highlighting the company’s focus on oncology clinical trials.

As of this year, Pharmatech will operate fully under the subsidiary name of Pharmatech Oncology. “There was a need in the marketplace for better recognition of what type of business Pharmatech was involved in,” explained president Anders Malm.

In parallel with this sharper profile, Pharmatech is reshuffling its management responsibilities. The current chief executive officer, Dr Matthew Wiener, will be replaced in that position by Malm while taking over the company’s daily business operations under the title of chairman and chief operating officer. Rob Bohacs has joined Pharmatech Oncology as corporate development manager.

The company also has a new website,, showcasing a more functional format and easy navigation capabilities.

Pharmatech was set up in 1987 with the aim of becoming the first ever research management organisation, a concept that brings together the functions of a site management organisation and a contract research organisation. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company runs an oncology network covering around 200 investigative sites and 1,400 community-based oncologists.