Designed to recognise and reward the talent and passion of industry and academic researchers, PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas is open to clinical researchers in pharma, CROs and investigator sites who currently work in the USA, North, South and Central America.

Debbie Rosenbaum, consultant at Sarrison Clinical Research and co-chair of the executive steering group comments: “New medical discoveries are the result of excellence in clinical research and this competition aims to identify the people and companies making it happen. ‘Clinical Research Company of the Year’ is just one example of this - rewarded for excellence, the title exemplifies the standard to strive for in conducting clinical trials.”

The executive steering group has taken the decision to introduce two new categories for 2018:  Clinical Trial Manager and Clinical Site Team. Commenting on this exciting new move, Debbie says: “Innovation, new technologies, more efficient ways of conducting clinical research, the industry is constantly changing and it’s important that we mirror those changes by evolving the competition in a way that allows us to identify the best-of-the-best.

“It’s not just about having a competition that stands up against the challenges faced in the outside world, but one that represents excellence and demonstrates the forward- thinking future of the clinical research industry. More categories means more opportunities for defining excellence in more areas; it plays a big part in keeping the competition relevant.”

The finals day and awards ceremony will be held in Washington DC during April. All finalists receive valuable mentoring and feedback on their performance - “invaluable for personal and professional development, it’s also a great way to separate the good from the great internally within your company and externally within the research industry,” says Mark Lacy, owner of Benchmark Research and chair of the competition’s executive steering group.

PPD’s Katherine Lusk was awarded ‘Experienced Clinical Research Associate of the Year 2017’ and she agrees, the benefits of taking part are far reaching : “I felt very privileged to be working with the top researchers and most knowledgeable names in the pharmaceutical industry. This award is extremely meaningful to me, it makes me feel confident in my knowledge as a CRA, and it makes me feel comforted that all of my time put into my researcher role has been well worth it.With her eye firmly on the future, she adds: “I feel that winning this competition has given me even more confidence to help mentor and manage other CRA’s and to be able to move to the next level in my career.”

PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas is now open for entry.

For individual entrants, stage 1 of the competition is a multiple-choice questionnaire.

There is no need for teams to complete the multiple choice questionnaire, instead the team lead should complete the online team entry form.

Visit for more information on categories and how to enter.

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