Over a thousand people with psychosis are still waiting for treatment on the NHS.

The NHS has published its latest waiting times for early intervention in psychosis, revealing the data that over a thousand people referred for treatment by their GP are yet to receive any form of treatment for this mental health problem.

The data show that 1,183 are still waiting to start some form of treatment since they were first referred, with 10% (131) of those surveyed still waiting after 12 weeks.

Experts are warning that they need to start acting on their own advice for the safety of the patient and the community, as even the NHS’ own website clearly states that “It's important psychosis is treated as soon as possible, as early treatment can be more effective”.

Almost 600 of those still waiting for treatment are based in the North of England, with 267 living in the Midlands and East of England, 151 in London, 81 in the South West and 89 in the South East.

Dr Durrani, consultant psychiatrist and group medical adviser for leading addiction treatment specialists UKAT, warns that: "It is extremely worrying that in a developed country in 2019, over a thousand vulnerable and scared people are continuing to suffer with a serious mental health problem and could well be trying to mask  their symptoms of paranoia, hallucinations and/or delusions with drugs or alcohol.

“Doing so puts them on a slippery slope into an extremely dangerous state of substance-induced psychosis, putting themselves and others around them at risk of harm."