Quintiles has struck up a strategic alliance with the SeoulNational University Hospital in celebration of its tenth year anniversary inSouth Korea.

Part of the Prime Site Programme, SNUH is recognised as Quintiles’second Prime Site in Asia, the first being the University Malaya Medical Centre in Malaysia.SNUH will add to the six other existing sites located in the USA, Europe andAfrica.

The PrimeSites are large clinical institutions that collaborate with Quintiles toenhance the infrastructure for conducting clinical trials in a bid toaccelerate the development of new and more effective medicines. The newaddition is hoped to improve the quality of clinical research and driveimproved productivity.

“SNUH is anideal partner for us for three reasons,” said Michael Klein, vice presidentQuintiles Southeast Asia and South Korea. “South Korea is an increasinglyimportant player in Asia-Pacific clinical drug development, we have a talentedand engaged workforce in South Korea that has a heritage of delivering qualityclinical research, and SNUH has embraced a shared vision for this model as weaim to improve human health.”

The newPrime Site reflects pharma’s increasing move towards emerging markets in clinicalresearch as a means to cut costs. Quintiles has operated in South Koreas since2000 and over the past decade the workforce has grown to more than 100 staffwho have managed more than 100 studies in 540 sites, recruiting 6,850 patients.