US-based biopharmaceutical services company Quintiles has announced a new positioning and brand identity, reflecting changes both in the industry it serves and Quintiles’ approach to it.
Backed by “a powerful advertising campaign that communicates a patient-centric vision of change”, the new-look Quintiles is embodied in the tag-line, ‘Navigating the New Health’. This positions the company as “an ally to help customers meet intellectual and executional demands” in a marketplace in rapid transformation, it says.
As Quintiles explains in an accompanying white paper, the New Health is the company’s perspective on “the fast-morphing world of biopharma”, one defined by challenges such as declining R&D productivity; rising product development costs; lower earnings; a looming patent ‘cliff’; funding constraints in biotechnology; cost-containment in healthcare; and the growing difficulty of commanding premium prices for branded therapies.

The New Health concept encompasses these challenges as well as the new and powerful stakeholders driving change in the marketplace and “the promise of better health for humans through high-quality, accessible products and treatments that enable people to live healthier lives”, Quintiles says.

It is “not simply a landscape in which faster and cheaper ensures a competitive advantage,” adds the white paper, The New Health: Navigating Risk and Seizing Opportunity in the Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Changing Landscape.

“It marks a moment in which public health, multi-stakeholder collaboration and access to quality and affordable medicine must be factored into every decision – from how drugs are developed and delivered to assessing their value, and to how they are brought to market as safely and efficiently as possible.”

The scale and pace of change associated with the current and future state of the industry “threaten to make the traditional biopharma business model irrelevant in the years to come”, Quintiles warns. By offering integrated clinical, commercial, consulting and capital solutions worldwide, however, the company sees itself as uniquely placed to help companies ride out these challenges.

“Only Quintiles has the breadth and agility, talented people and unwavering commitment to patient stewardship necessary to help our customers navigate the risks and seize the opportunities in The New Health,” comments chief operating officer John Ratliff.

The new positioning includes the introduction of a unified brand, a fresh visual system, an updated logo and the aforementioned company tag line, “all designed to communicate the company’s business approach and the transformative changes it is making within the biopharmaceutical industry”.

The Quintiles name will now serve as the umbrella brand for the company’s global service offerings under the headings Clinical, Commercial, Consulting and Capital, conveying “our distinct areas of expertise while demonstrating the company’s breadth of capabilities”.

The first wave of repositioning will be launched in online advertising, to be followed by a sustained trade and business media print campaign across the United States, Europe and Japan.