By 2015, the respiratory market will have seen the convergence of new drug delivery and diagnostics techniques, according to a new report from Cambridge Consultants. This, it says, will have the effect of allowing drug delivery to be better tailored to individual patients, improving the efficacy of drugs and reducing the overall costs of treatment.

In addition, the findings also showed that the over-the-counter market segment will become increasingly consumer-driven and will focus on delivery routes, product design and marketing. Meanwhile the prescription market will continue to be driven by clinicians and be focused on cost.

Brian Barney, author of the report and head of Cambridge Consultants’ drug delivery division, commented: “The industry as a whole sees the convergence of diagnostics and delivery as critically important over the next 20 years. He added: “One thing is for certain – the leading innovators will be the ones that use these novel technologies to rapidly develop simple and intuitive products that save lives.”

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