London, UK-based Rexgenero has secured with partners £1.4 million in funding for a £1.8 million project from the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK, for an industrial research project on the commercial manufacture of its product REX-001.

REX-001 is a novel autologous cell therapy that stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to restore blood supply to the limb, alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life of patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI).

CLI is a severe obstruction of the arteries that significantly reduces blood flow to the extremities, causing severe pain, skin ulcers or sores.

The research project aims to design a cost-effective manufacturing strategy for the therapy over a 21-month period.

Rexgenero will work alongside the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Catapult, TrakCel and Fisher Bioservices (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) on the project.

“We are pleased to receive this grant from Innovate UK and to work with CGT Catapult, TrakCel and Fisher Bioservices to conduct this important research into cost-effective commercial cell manufacturing,” said Rexgenero’s chief executive Joe Dupere.

“The output will undoubtedly help drive cost-effective manufacturing of advanced therapies and the creation of a high quality, robust supply chains that will ultimately allow greater access to cell and gene therapies for patients across the UK and beyond,” added Robert Jones, global director, Advanced Therapies, at Fisher Bioservices.