Roche and BIND Therapeutics have formed a pact to discover novel nanomedicines for a variety of therapeutic targets outside of oncology.

Finer details of the collaboration, including the financial specifics, have not been disclosed.

It was only revealed that the collaboration will focus on combining BIND's Accurin technology with Roche's proprietary therapeutic payloads and targeting ligands, to ultimately develop more targeted treatments for undisclosed diseases.

According to BIND, Accurins represent “the next stage in the evolution of targeted therapies and nanomedicine”.

Essentially, they are targeted and programmable therapeutics churned out through its nanoengineering platform with specified physical and chemical characteristics.

These allow for the targeting of specific cells or tissues and the release of a therapeutic payload at the site of disease, to enhance efficacy while leaving healthy tissues unscathed.

BIND has already partnered with Amgen, Pfizer and AstraZeneca AB to develop Accurins based on their own therapeutic payloads.