Roche has unveiled a restructuring of its pharmaceuticals business in Spain which will affect 100 jobs, prompted by the challenging market and price controls.

The cuts will affect support staff and sales reps, the Swiss major says, claiming that the current environment “requires a transformation of the company”. There is a need to downsize to adjust to “current and future business needs”.
Roche will start negotiating with the unions, saying it will look at “all the possible alternatives to minimise impact” on its staff, while sorting out new working conditions. Andreas Abt, head of the Spanish subsidiary, said that before the decision was made, “we have launched several initiatives to maintain the efficiency of the company maintaining our investment in R&D in the country”.

In addition, a new organisational model will be implemented from November 1, to improve efficiency and competitiveness. The new structure seeks “greater simplification and flexibility in decision-making, promoting teamwork between all areas” and increasing individual responsibility.
Mr Abt said the reorganisation will help Roche “meet the challenges of the current market” and aid “the recovery of our sales growth”. The cuts will not affect Roche’s production plant in Leganes  nor its global informatics centre in Madrid.