US-based contract research organisation ResearchPoint Global (RPG) has expanded its global reach by partnering with GCP Clinical Studies Ltd, a provider of clinical research services and educational programmes in Israel.

GCP’s services range from supplying trained staff to manage and monitor clinical trials to patient recruitment and retention offerings. The company runs trials with many of the Israel’s top medical centres, while its educational programme has helped to establish high quality standards throughout the country, RPG noted.

With the addition of GCP to RPG's global network, clients will now be able to tap into “extensive clinical trial experience, in all phases with both drugs and devices, in a country that is often rated among the highest-recruiting countries in multi-national studies”, said Gernot Cremer, director, ResearchPoint Global.

Among the numerous advantages of the partnership is access to a large number of “world-renowned” investigators and a rapid regulatory review process, RPG pointed out. Israel’s small geographic size is another positive, “as the proximity of the investigational sites allows for efficient and economic monitoring of studies”, the company added.

Dr Stephen Levenstein, vice president of GCP’s Research Division, said joining RPG would “offer our local clients the option for conducting professionally well-managed studies outside of the country”.