‘Act4Biosimilars’ will improve patient access and increase adoption in over 30 countries by 2030

Biosimilar company Sandoz has announced the launch of a new global initiative to take on worldwide health inequities.

Act4Biosimilars aims to increase patient access to advanced medicines by leveraging the ‘4 As’ of biosimilars – approvability, accessibility, acceptability and affordability. The initiative is supported by a multidisciplinary steering committee of patient advocacy leaders, healthcare professionals, biosimilar experts and industry leaders from across the world.

Other notable targets of the project include ensuring equitable pricing, involving patients in treatment decisions and streamlining biosimilar development. The ultimate goal is to increase global adoption of biosimilar medicines by at least 30% throughout 30 countries by 2030.

“As a result of their affordability, biosimilars have opened up a new realm of possibility for patients by enabling biological medicines to become more widely available to those in need of these advanced, life-changing treatments,” explained Zorana Maravic, CEO at Digestive Cancers Europe. “However, until we address existing biosimilar access inequities, far too many patients will continue to miss out on treatment with the best possible medicines.”

“Healthcare systems are facing more pressure than ever before, which can be attributed to the costs associated with a growing, ageing population, more people being diagnosed with chronic diseases,” added Richard Saynor, chief executive officer at Sandoz. “Biosimilars are part of the solution to support a more sustainable healthcare system for all and we are proud to be the founding sponsor of Act4Biosimilars, which will drive action to bring these more affordable treatment options to patients who need them.”

The Steering Committee is currently developing an action plan to provide the strategies, tools and activities required to realise the global ambitions. This will be supported by country indicator maps to measure the change that is being driven by groups, associations and organisations worldwide.

A biosimilar is a biological medicine which is produced after the original therapy’s patent has expired. Biosimilars also match all the required treatment references in terms of quality, safety and efficacy.

Sandoz developed and brought the first biosimilar medicine to patients 16 years ago.