The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland (the Scottish Academy) has published its strategic priorities to 2023, outlining a focus on collaborative working between the different medical professions in Scotland, to “improve quality of care for patients.”

The Academy, which promotes and co-ordinates the work of the Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties and gives the medical professions a collective voice on clinical and professional issues in Scotland, recognises in its strategy that the landscape of healthcare is changing considerably.

Because of this, healthcare professionals need support to maintain quality patient care - prompting the medical body to promote a sufficient workforce for now and for the future, and focus on ensuring that medical professionals are valued for their hard work.

In addition, The Scottish Academy says it is also aware that workload increases and technological advances must be “reconciled with finite resources and a changing workforce, set against a backdrop of political, societal and environmental external factors”, meaning it will help work to reduce healthcare’s impact on climate change.

Dr Miles Mack, chair of the Academy commends the plan, stating that it will “encourage a collaborative approach among the medical professions to benefit patients in Scotland.”

He continued, “Given the challenges that our health services and our medical workforce are facing, it’s important now more than ever that the Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties work side-by-side to provide expert advice and support to the Scottish Government, policy makers, and clinicians working on the front line.”

Finally the body detailed plans to support collaborative working to improve quality of care for patients, and ultimately promote a healthy Scotland for everyone.