Sensyne Health – a British clinical AI technology company - has announced that it has entered into a formal research agreement with the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to contribute to the development of methods to validate software algorithms used in digital health.

Sensyne is already part of a partnership with the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute (BDI), using data science and clinical artificial intelligence (clinical AI) for the patient-centred management and treatment of chronic disease.

At the same time, the company also embarked upon a strategic research agreement with both the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust - giving the company access to datasets covering 746,000 hospital admissions, and the Wye Valley NHS Trust - a partnership which will provides access to anonymised patient datasets covering 1.36 million hospital admissions, both for analysis using clinical artificial intelligence technology.

Lord Paul Drayson, CEO of Sensyne Health, said that “New techniques using artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to improve patient care and accelerate medical research, however they also require the development of new methods to validate them. As a leading company in the field of Clinical AI we are delighted to be working with the UK’s regulatory agency on this vital project.”

Sensyne Health is a healthcare technology company that creates value from accelerating the discovery and development of new medicines and improving patient care through the analysis of real-world evidence from large databases of anonymised patient data, in collaboration with NHS Trusts.