Takeda shareholders have backed the firm’s proposed £46 billion acquisition of Shire.

Takeda announced in May this year a deal to buy the firm, after having its merger proposals previously turned down four times by Shire.

The deal has since been given the green light by the European Commission, the US Federal Trade Commission, the Japan Fair Trade Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation in China and the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense, among other regulatory authorities.

At least 88% of shareholder votes at the extraordinary general meeting were in favour of the deal for the combined group, which is to be headquartered in Japan.

“We are delighted that our shareholders have given their strong support to our acquisition of Shire," said Takeda chief executive Christophe Weber.

“With shareholder approval secured, we are looking forward to closing the acquisition in the coming weeks."

The Financial Times said earlier this year that if successfully completed, the deal will “rank as one of the industry’s biggest, and mark a significant moment in the evolution of Japan Inc as a global dealmaker.”