Companies will combine to investigate a novel treatment for a rare bone disease

Sirana Pharma – a company which concentrates on the development of innovative treatments for unmet medical needs in muscle and bone diseases – has announced a collaborative research agreement with pharma giant Pfizer. It has hoped that the link up will yield life-transforming treatment for a specific group if patients.

The partnership will investigate the potential identification and validation of a novel treatment concept for a rare and debilitating bone disease. It will initially involve utilising Sirana’s proprietary microRNA approach, which targets substantial regenerative recovery of diseased muscle and bone tissue.

“Combining Sirana’s novel miRNA-targeting approach, and the long-standing experience in musculoskeletal disorders and disease mechanisms of its founders, with the expertise and competencies of Pfizer will allow Sirana to expeditiously evaluate its drug candidates for the treatment of this rare disease and to identify potential candidates for further development,” commented Michael Kring, chief executive officer of Sirana Pharma.

“At Pfizer, we are committed to advancing promising, emerging research – both through our internal capabilities and through collaborations with companies like Sirana – with the goal of bringing potentially life-changing medicines to patients around the world,” said Seng Cheng, senior vice president at Pfizer Rare Disease.

“We look forward to working together with the Sirana team to further explore this new and innovative investigational approach, utilizing miRNA-targeting for the potential treatment of rare bone diseases,” he added.

Sirana has focused on the development of first-in-class molecules to treat both Sarcopenia – age related muscle weakness – and osteogenesis imperfecta, an inherited brittle bone disease.