Better Meds is already removing paper forms and manual processes from NHS Trust’s system

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has taken latest next step in implementing Alcidion – its modular electronic patient record (EPR) programme.

Better Meds will now provide a modern electronic prescribing and medication administration (ePMA) system.

The trust has deployed Better Meds to inpatient and outpatient areas, where it is already removing paper forms and manual processes, as well as helping healthcare professionals to make safe prescribing decisions.

The ePMA solution integrates with Alcidion EPR, which is also being deployed across the trust to boost digital advancement in ways that respond to clinical priorities and alleviate pressures faced by clinicians. The trust has also simultaneously gone live with electronic discharge notification functionality within the same system.

Daniel Pugh, a pharmacy technician for South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “There is a lot of excitement across the trust about the possibilities of this ePMA implementation and other digitisation taking place in South Tees Hospitals. Integrating electronic prescribing into our Alcidion EPR, joins up drug information with patient assessments, allergies, lab results and vital signs.”

“This provides a safety barrier that will help prescribers make better informed decisions for patients. It will also save valuable time for clinicians, for example, through easy access to standardised order sets and the ability to prescribe from anywhere,” he added.

Lynette Ousby, managing director for Alcidion, explained: “Digitisation in healthcare should be about using technology to respond to clinical and operational priorities in the right order for NHS customers. In this case, e-prescribing will help staff to safely get the right medicines to the right patient, at the right time. South Tees Hospitals is a strong example of a trust that is delivering technology to respond to the needs of its clinicians.”