The Internet of Things offers exciting new possibilities for healthcare, including the ability to monitor health and promote wellness, and the opportunity for medicine to play a more holistic role in the treatment or prevention of sickness.

However, in order for the IoT to realise its potential and benefit all nations – not just the richest ones – governments must persuade healthcare providers, HCPs and patients to agree to the collection and analysis of healthcare data from individuals via new as well as existing sources. 

We also need a global network that can collate this data and analyse it in order to define the most effective ways of preventing disease and treating it based on specific criteria, such as age, sex, ethnicity and lifestyle.

With this in place, we can then use our amazing glucose-measuring contact lenses and other technological devices, secure in the knowledge that they are collecting data that will be used to help advance medicine for everyone.

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You can read the full article on the Internet of Things from the September issue of PharmaTimes Magazine that this comment appeared beside here.