Committing to a long-term marketing strategy that cannot be measured immediately based purely on sales performance is challenging. However, trust and reputation take time to build – and damaged reputations even longer to mend.  

If GSK can focus on building trust with HCPs and delivering value to them and patients, as well as increasing sales, then its outcomes-based strategy will not only lead to higher sales in the long term, it will also enable GSK to put its CSR objectives at the heart of its business planning and give customers the power to help shape and direct its future.

M3 is very excited that a small but growing number of its clients are open to ‘Customer Value’ strategies rather than pure push marketing tactics. Our membership of 2.5 million doctors wants pharma to deliver real value – not just marketing content but education, products and services that they truly need, and will use, and that will help foster better, closer relationships, trust and even advocacy between doctors and pharma.

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You can read the full article on what pharma's salesforce should be rated on from the October issue of PharmaTimes Magazine that this comment appeared beside here.