The UK is one of the few places in the world that has the potential to deliver really exciting opportunities in clinical trials, thanks to its universal National Health Service, and its proposed (but now delayed) system for England, which could offer immense value to researchers.

However, as the article Just say no (pages 34-36) on controlling clinical trial costs in the March issue of PharmaTimes Magazine (read the digital mag here) highlights, the NHS needs to operate in a more joined-up way, making it easier for CROs and pharma companies to work alongside it in commercial ventures.

Technology has a key role to play in delivering such improvements, particularly in the management and evaluation of new products and services, including clinical trials.

It is already employed to this end in Japan, where organisations use digital channels and services to improve the selection of investigators for clinical trials, the recruitment of suitable patients and the collection and management of data. We believe it is vital that the NHS harnesses technology in these three key areas if the UK is to regain its position of strength in clinical trials and drug development.   

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You can read the full article on controlling clinical trial costs that this comment appeared beside here.