A Facebook page set up to highlight clinical research advances and opportunities in Alzheimer’s disease is attracting more than two million visitors a week, its administrator says.

To date, some 25,500 fans have joined the Alzheimer’s Team page, notes MediciGlobal, a patient recruitment and retention specialist with headquarters in the US and the UK. MediciGlobal launched the dedicated page last February.

According to Liz Moench, president of MediciGlobal, Alzheimer’s Team was the first Facebook community to highlight the role of Tau tangles in Alzheimer’s disease and the development of the first Tau Aggregation Inhibitor (TAI).

A MediciGlobal client, Singapore-based TauRx Therapeutics, recently announced the initiation of two global Phase III trials with LMTX, its second-generation TAI candidate, in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Global interest

Visitors to the Alzheimer’s Team page come from more than 20 countries, with the highest density logging in from the US, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Canada and the UK, MediciGlobal pointed out.  

“Alzheimer’s has the potential to bankrupt economies,” Moench commented. “Getting people involved in research studies with the potential to change the course of this disease is why Alzheimer’s Team is playing a role in raising awareness for research studies.”