The swine flu pandemic has been named as the “most ambitious scam and corruption of our time” after pharma has been found to be in bed with the World Health Organisation.

Journalists from Denmark have reported links between the World Health Organisation and pharmaceutical companies where firms have been covertly paying top WHO scientists. In the meantime, pharma profits from flu drugs have soared.

The journalists from the newspaper Information claim the public and political hysteria to swine flu is a result of an efficient public relations campaign, spearheaded by the WHO experts that have been prejudiced by pharma’s ready cash.

The lead target in the allegations is Dutch doctor Albert Ostenhaus, who has promoted the need for vaccinations through the WHO and the media and headed a panel that advised the WHO to announce that swine flu had reached pandemic level. Reports claim Ostenhaus is paid by several vaccine manufacturers and the Netherlands government is believed to be investigating his activities.

Other WHO advisors are understood to also advise big pharma and have been allegedly concealing their pharma-funded salaries.

Meanwhile, further questions have been raised about the WHO’s independence over the H1N1 flu virus after various documents found medicines and vaccinations were mentioned more than 40 times while traditional hand washing and the use of masks to combat the disease were only mentioned twice.

The pharma industry is expected to make between seven and 10 billion euros in 2009 from the sales of swine flu related drugs, according to JP Morgan.