Takeda has split off part of its pharmaceutical research business to form a new drug discovery subsidiary as it seeks to accelerated its R&D .

The firm has also finalised a deal to transfer part of its pharmaceutical sciences businesses to Bushu Pharmaceuticals, with that unit to be named Spera Pharma.

The new research unit will be based at Takeda’s Shonan Research Center in Japan’s Fujisawa City and take charge of some of the firm’s molecular screening, chemistry, biology, and drug metabolism work.

Portions of Takeda’s pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and nonclinical safety research will also fall to the, as-yet unnamed, subsidiary.

As a results the Japanese pharma company hopes to further sharpen its focus around three therapeutic areas - oncology, gastroenterology and central nervous system - and vaccines.

Takeda’s chief medical and scientific officer Andrew Plump said: “The bar for delivering crucial new medicines to patients is constantly being raised and, in response, new, more flexible and efficient R&D models that can tap scientific innovation across the globe are required.

“This new company will help fill a critical gap in the drug discovery process in Japan by providing a bridge to translate basic research into new medicines.”

The move is, Takeda said, critical to providing it with the organisational and financial flexibility its needs to improve its long-term R&D productivity and innovation.

Meanwhile, the firm’s pharmaceutical sciences deal with Bushu will see the latter supply services including process chemistry, formulation and analytical development.

In doing so Takeda hopes to be able to pursue a more agile and flexible path to its clinical trial material development and manufacturing. This deal is expected to be completed by July 1.