Theorem Clinical Research, the US-based provider of clinical research and development services with a particular focus on complex studies, has beefed up its cardiovascular testing resources through a strategic alliance with BioTelemetry Inc.

Formerly known as CardioNet and with headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania, BioTelemetry offers products and services in the rapidly expanding field of mobile health monitoring. Its Clinical Research division includes Cardiocore, a leading global cardiac core laboratory.

Current industry trends such as translational medicine, safety monitoring boards and risk-based monitoring are ratcheting up pressure on the clinical-trial process to be “faster, safer and more efficient”, noted John Potthoff, president and chief executive officer of Theorem Clinical Research.

“Our strategic partnership with BioTelemetry allows us to meet – and exceed – those industry standards for our clients,” Potthoff added.

Perfect alignment

According to Joseph Capper, chief executive officer of BioTelemetry, Theorem’s experience with complex clinical-trial protocols “aligns perfectly” with BioTelemetry’s specialised testing portfolio, complementing the latter’s “unique position that spans from clinical research through post-market surveillance and into clinical practice”.

Both companies support trials in all clinical phases of pharmaceutical and biotech development and the alliance will enable them to collaborate globally on these fronts, Capper said.

Theorem’s business strategy is to “offer our clients the very best in every service area”, Potthoff observed.

BioTelemetry can reinforce that strategy “with a team of industry-leading scientists, a set of advanced technologies and a broad base of cardiac-testing modalities”.