UCB is inviting academic and research groups to submit proposals for collaborative drug-discovery projects involving antibody targets through its newly launched ‘Technology Platform Access’ programme.

Last December, UCB completed its US$5.5 million investment in a new laboratory incorporating cutting-edge robotic equipment for the fully automated discovery of antibodies at the company’s immunology research centre of excellence in Slough, UK.

This has enabled UCB to boost markedly its antibody-discovery capacity. The new laboratory also coincides with the successful conclusion of a project to develop new technology that can mine the natural repertoire of antibody sequences.

Coupled with strong antibody-engineering and -expression capabilities, as well as structural-biology expertise, this constitutes “a novel and efficient route to the generation of high quality antibodies, not only against human targets but also for the generation of research tools for proof-of-concept models”, the company said.

Discovery platform

Through the Technology Platform Access programme, academic and research groups may now apply to make use of UCB’s new automated antibody-discovery platform in collaborative projects on antibody targets.

The platform can rapidly generate, select, produce and evaluate new human antibody-based medicines for patients.  

Academics and researchers can request an ‘Expression of Interest’ by e-mailing UCB at technology.accessantibody@ucb.com

Partnerships are vital

“Partnerships between academic groups and industry are vital to the future of scientific discover,” noted Dr Ismail Kola, executive vice president, UCB NewMedicines.

“We are hugely committed to seeking new ways of working and creating super-networks to advance medical research and improve health,” Kola added.

“This programme offers the chance for groups to access our state-of-the-art technology as well as collaborate with our premier discovery team.”