Napp Pharmaceuticals says the UK is the first country in Europe to launch flutiform k-haler, a breath-actuate inhaler for adolescents and adults living with asthma.

According to the firm, flutiform k-haler is the first breath-actuated inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) long-acting β2-agonist (LABA) combination aerosol inhaler for adults and adolescents available in Europe, offering patients an “award-winning” device that is activated by a low breathing-in force that makes it easier to use correctly.

This is crucial, as sub-optimal asthma control is a major problem for patients; around 2.5 million adults and children make errors with their inhalers and are not taking them properly, which can exacerbate symptoms.

“Asthma attacks hospitalise someone every eight minutes in the UK, costing the NHS approximately £1 billion a year to treat, manage and care for people with asthma. As a partner to the NHS, we understand there is still an unmet need for effective treatment options,” said Dr Paul Schofield, medical director at Napp.

“Patients can struggle to use their inhalers correctly due to the need to properly co-ordinate the press and inhale, which can worsen their asthma and lead to exacerbations. The flutiform k-haler has been designed with patients in mind, requiring only a gentle inhalation to trigger the dose release, with the aim to help patients reduce critical errors and improve long-term outcomes.”