Specialty pharma Medicis Health has launched two new products in the UK approved for relief and protection against possible serious skin problems in patients receiving treatment for cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Around 80 percent of patients face potentially debilitating skin side-effects from targeted cancer treatments, with five-20 percent of those severely affected, potentially preventing result in reduction or discontinuation of treatment.

According to Medicis, such symptoms can occur eight-10 days after anti-cancer therapies have begun, but prophylactic use of Reconval K1 could reduce their severity.

Also, prophylactic use of its Reconval B6 can also help reduce rash and reddening of hands and feet sometimes caused by chemotherapeutic treatments, which can be so severe that patients are unable to hold things or walk, the firm noted.

The treatment may also benefit patients with multiple sclerosis experiencing local side effects from injectable drugs such as beta-Interferon.

“Reconval products have been found to be of significant value to physicians, nurses and patients in the prophylaxis and management of EGFR inhibitor and Chemotherapy related skin toxicity,” noted Prof. Dr. Kai Deusch, physician and chief executive of Medicis. “Patients can receive their optimal dosing while maintaining a satisfactory Quality of Life at what must be difficult time.”