Vectura has signed an exclusive global agreement with Dynavax Technologies allowing use of its proprietary smart nebuliser technology to deliver an investigational immunotherapeutic to lung cancer patients.

Vectura’s AKITA smart nebuliser will initially be used by Dynavax to deliver DV281, a novel Toll-Like Receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist designed specifically for local delivery to primary lung tumours and lung metastases in order to generate an anti-tumour immune response, with a plan to move to the FOX handheld device as a next step.

The firm says its FAVORITE nebulisation technology employed by the devices combines optimisation of a patient’s inhalation technique with the effective control of the flow rate and volume of the drug being delivered, to maximise targeted drug deposition.

The agreement covers the Phase I and Phase II development programmes and Vectura will provide devices and device related support to Dynavax which is responsible for the rest of the programme.

In return, Vectura is eligible for “modest milestones and development services revenues” and does not expect a material impact on R&D expenditure.