Veeva, a company providing cloud-based business solutions for the global life sciences industry, has announced the release of a new group of products at its annual European R&D Summit in Barcelona. The company provides applications for clinical, regulatory, and quality that help organisations eliminate silos and drive collaboration across product development.

Veeva’s R&D solutions are based on Veeva Vault Platform, which has the unique ability to manage both content and data in a single platform. Traditionally, companies have had to deploy applications for content and separate applications to manage associated data, but Vault Platform enables organisations to deploy applications that manage end-to-end processes with related content, data, and workflows.

A product already available in the US, Vault Safety - dubbed “next generation safety in the cloud” - has been announced with a release date of 2020 in Europe. Vault Safety is the only modern application available in the industry that provides real-time management and oversight for adverse events.

New products for the clinical suite include Vault Payments; an application to help simplify site payments that is set to be available in December 2019. The company is currently working with early customers to refine the system.

Veeva will also be launching a product to help customers seamlessly manage regulatory documents and trial information, Vault SiteDocs. The company says that the new clinical solution will help to reduce administrative burden and increase efficiency by “managing regulatory documents and trial processes with greater control and oversight.”

Also announced was the novel Vault Clinical Network, a platform used to connect sponsors, trial sites and clinical research organisations, which will be available to CROs and sites in December 2019 and 2020 respectively.

In terms of regulatory announcements, Veeva’s Vault Submissions Publishing product is now available in Europe, the US and will be available around the rest of the world in 2020 in an aim to “dramatically speed up submission delivery”.

Finally, the company announced Vault Training and Vault Station Manager, the former of which is designed to “modernise role-based training” and the latter acting as a modern mobile application for the shop floor.

Station Manager will be available in Europe in 2019 and Training is already available on Android, but will be on iOS by the end of 2019.

Avril England, general manager for Veeva Vault, claimed at the Summit that “the industry is moving to vault”, demonstrating that there are now more than 430 R&D Vault customers, and more than 180 customers with multiple R&D Vault apps.