Verified Clinical Trials (VCT), a company set up in the US to combat dual enrolment in clinical trials by maintaining a fully web-based registry of research subjects, has added a medication-adherence module to its toolbox.

As well as identifying professional research volunteers who may jump from one study to another without allowing sufficient time to lapse between treatments, the VCT system is developing new features that address the broader issues of safety and data integrity in clinical research. A subject recruitment tool was launched last September.

VCT developed its medication adherence reminder module in collaboration with  WCCT Global, a full-service Phase I-IV contract research organisation with US corporate offices in Cypress and Costa Mesa, California and Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

The new tool enables study investigators to document study-participant adherence to medication schedules, while reminding research volunteers to take their medicines directly through the VCT registry.

There is also the option for research subjects to respond to the reminder, signalling their compliance with the required dosing.

“Patient adherence to clinical research-protocol procedures is critical along with returning to the investigational site for study procedures and safety assessments,” noted Mel Affrime, Sr, vice president, research and development at WCCT.

“This added enhancement now offered by VCT adds another level of security in the validity of the data that we capture for our clients,” Affrime said.