vivoPharm, a contract research organisation based in Australia and specialising in integrated preclinical services, has entered into a partnership with Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology Berlin-Buch (EPO), a leading preclinical oncology testing company in Germany, that will bring advanced predictive tumour models to the US market.

Under the co-marketing partnership, vivoPharm will be able to offer for the first time to cancer researchers in the US EPO’s Berlin-based collection of primary patient-derived tumours, it noted.

Now co-marketed by vivoPharm, the EPO tumours are the “newest, most clinically relevant models for validating drug candidates for cancer treatment”, it added.

The company has been working with predictive tumor models for more than a decade and the agreement with EPO “adds another dimension” to its service portfolio, vivoPharm pointed out.

US-based drug developers can partner with vivoPharm to characterise their own therapeutic compounds using “not only vivoPharm’s highly specialised orthotopic cancer models but now also advanced research models directly derived from patients”, it said.