Warner Chilcott says that its fourth-quarter net income leapt 37.8%, though pharmaceutical sales were hurt by the impact of generic competition for its osteoporosis drug Actonel.

Turnover fell 5% to $612 million, while sales of Actonel (risedronate) slid 42% to $104 million, hit by generics in western Europe and Canada and the overall decline in the US oral bisphosphonate market". The company's ulcerative colitis treatment Asacol (mesalamine) climbed 15% to $204 million.

Shift from Asacol to Delzicol for UC

Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Warner' Chilcott's new mesalamine product for UC, which will be launched under the brand name Delzicol next month. Asacol loses market exclusivity in July and the company noted that "Delzicol will become the promotional priority for our gastroenterology sales force".

The bladder treatment Enablex (darifenacin) slipped 2% to $40 million and sales of the antibiotic Doryx (doxycycline) fell 59% to $19 million, hit by generics in the USA. As for Warner Chicott's contraceptives, Loestrin 24 Fe (norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol) increased 25% to $89 million, while sales of Lo Loestrin FE doubled from the like, year-earlier period to $42 million. Estrace (estradiol) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, brought in $51 million, up 21%.