US-based contract research organisation (CRO) WCCT Global has launched an internationalpatient-recruitment offering to address parallel initiation ofclinical-trial sites in the US and other markets.

The new programme employsan in-depth social-media strategy coupled with optimised searchengines, WCCT explained.

It has also assembled afull design team that can produceany print materials needed for a trial campaign in any language.

Allof these materials are connected to a digital website that viewerscan scan with their smartphone, enabling them to sign up for a study“without ever having to make a phone call”, WCCT noted.

Conversionrates are much higher than with traditional print materials it added.

Withthis service, WCCT said, sponsors can not only engage a single CRO tohandle all the outsourced elements of a clinical trial, but alsocentralise in one organisation all international and domesticrecruitment for the study, “ultimately leading to a much moreefficient trial”.